Honeyjanexox's profile and online activity statistics from November 2012 to April 2014

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Kisses! My name is Jane but everyone calls me Honey cause I taste sweet! MY GREASTEST DESIRE is to take you into my private room and slowly but always cum for you for and then let you lick my sweet pussy clean,,,

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Honeyjanexox information details
Screen nameHoneyjanexox
Last time online4 days and 9 hours - (2014-04-20 22:39:01 GMT)
Height5'5" - 5'9"
Weight115 - 130 lbs
Body typeAverage
Hair lengthShoulder length
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGreen
Sexual orientationStraight

Honeyjanexox's statistics

November 2012

Days online:10
Total time online:22:24:01
Total time in open chat:13:07:40
Total time in group shows:03:06:58
Total time in private shows:06:09:23
In open chat:58.61%
In group shows:13.91%
In private shows:27.48%
Average time in open chat:00:11:45
Average time in group shows:00:04:55
Average time in private shows:00:06:58

Detailed stats

December 2012

Days online:20
Total time online:57:22:00
Total time in open chat:27:57:44
Total time in group shows:09:36:16
Total time in private shows:19:48:00
In open chat:48.74%
In group shows:16.74%
In private shows:34.51%
Average time in open chat:00:09:19
Average time in group shows:00:02:51
Average time in private shows:00:06:38

Detailed stats

January 2013

Days online:20
Total time online:44:29:05
Total time in open chat:23:13:04
Total time in group shows:04:01:25
Total time in private shows:17:14:36
In open chat:52.19%
In group shows:9.04%
In private shows:38.76%
Average time in open chat:00:08:26
Average time in group shows:00:01:14
Average time in private shows:00:07:11

Detailed stats

February 2013

Days online:19
Total time online:40:35:42
Total time in open chat:23:07:20
Total time in group shows:02:31:03
Total time in private shows:14:57:19
In open chat:56.96%
In group shows:6.20%
In private shows:36.84%
Average time in open chat:00:08:37
Average time in group shows:00:00:58
Average time in private shows:00:06:32

Detailed stats

March 2013

Days online:27
Total time online:71:54:59
Total time in open chat:41:41:03
Total time in group shows:05:07:36
Total time in private shows:25:06:20
In open chat:57.96%
In group shows:7.13%
In private shows:34.91%
Average time in open chat:00:09:32
Average time in group shows:00:01:26
Average time in private shows:00:06:50

Detailed stats

April 2013

Days online:22
Total time online:58:19:58
Total time in open chat:32:32:03
Total time in group shows:03:47:41
Total time in private shows:22:00:14
In open chat:55.77%
In group shows:6.51%
In private shows:37.72%
Average time in open chat:00:07:50
Average time in group shows:00:01:08
Average time in private shows:00:06:46

Detailed stats

May 2013

Days online:15
Total time online:30:35:38
Total time in open chat:17:22:14
Total time in group shows:01:23:21
Total time in private shows:11:50:03
In open chat:56.78%
In group shows:4.54%
In private shows:38.68%
Average time in open chat:00:08:28
Average time in group shows:00:00:53
Average time in private shows:00:06:53

Detailed stats

June 2013

Days online:11
Total time online:21:51:39
Total time in open chat:08:11:56
Total time in group shows:01:34:09
Total time in private shows:12:05:34
In open chat:37.50%
In group shows:7.18%
In private shows:55.32%
Average time in open chat:00:05:01
Average time in group shows:00:01:15
Average time in private shows:00:08:09

Detailed stats

July 2013

Days online:21
Total time online:53:27:20
Total time in open chat:19:17:28
Total time in group shows:04:19:44
Total time in private shows:29:50:08
In open chat:36.09%
In group shows:8.10%
In private shows:55.81%
Average time in open chat:00:04:12
Average time in group shows:00:01:08
Average time in private shows:00:06:48

Detailed stats

August 2013

Days online:16
Total time online:44:05:18
Total time in open chat:20:05:28
Total time in group shows:02:12:17
Total time in private shows:21:47:33
In open chat:45.57%
In group shows:5.00%
In private shows:49.43%
Average time in open chat:00:05:13
Average time in group shows:00:00:38
Average time in private shows:00:06:22

Detailed stats

September 2013

Days online:17
Total time online:34:20:21
Total time in open chat:15:34:46
Total time in group shows:01:38:29
Total time in private shows:17:07:06
In open chat:45.37%
In group shows:4.78%
In private shows:49.85%
Average time in open chat:00:05:01
Average time in group shows:00:00:30
Average time in private shows:00:06:18

Detailed stats

October 2013

Days online:17
Total time online:37:13:08
Total time in open chat:17:52:09
Total time in group shows:01:50:09
Total time in private shows:17:30:50
In open chat:48.01%
In group shows:4.93%
In private shows:47.06%
Average time in open chat:00:05:06
Average time in group shows:00:00:30
Average time in private shows:00:06:36

Detailed stats

November 2013

Days online:20
Total time online:33:55:07
Total time in open chat:18:24:12
Total time in group shows:02:24:56
Total time in private shows:13:05:59
In open chat:54.26%
In group shows:7.12%
In private shows:38.62%
Average time in open chat:00:06:43
Average time in group shows:00:00:54
Average time in private shows:00:06:02

Detailed stats

December 2013

Days online:16
Total time online:31:32:23
Total time in open chat:13:19:53
Total time in group shows:01:54:24
Total time in private shows:16:18:06
In open chat:42.27%
In group shows:6.05%
In private shows:51.69%
Average time in open chat:00:04:29
Average time in group shows:00:00:38
Average time in private shows:00:06:06

Detailed stats

January 2014

Days online:15
Total time online:27:10:12
Total time in open chat:12:42:26
Total time in group shows:01:09:45
Total time in private shows:13:18:01
In open chat:46.77%
In group shows:4.28%
In private shows:48.95%
Average time in open chat:00:04:55
Average time in group shows:00:00:25
Average time in private shows:00:06:26

Detailed stats

February 2014

Days online:15
Total time online:33:07:28
Total time in open chat:18:47:31
Total time in group shows:01:17:12
Total time in private shows:13:02:45
In open chat:56.73%
In group shows:3.88%
In private shows:39.38%
Average time in open chat:00:06:55
Average time in group shows:00:00:27
Average time in private shows:00:06:12

Detailed stats

March 2014

Days online:16
Total time online:29:10:01
Total time in open chat:18:47:54
Total time in group shows:01:01:14
Total time in private shows:09:20:53
In open chat:64.45%
In group shows:3.50%
In private shows:32.05%
Average time in open chat:00:07:56
Average time in group shows:00:00:31
Average time in private shows:00:05:29

Detailed stats

April 2014

Days online:6
Total time online:15:58:51
Total time in open chat:09:20:47
Total time in group shows:00:44:29
Total time in private shows:05:53:35
In open chat:58.48%
In group shows:4.64%
In private shows:36.88%
Average time in open chat:00:06:31
Average time in group shows:00:00:28
Average time in private shows:00:05:26

Detailed stats

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